Teens stop to help elderly man covered in blood ‘as adults walked past’

A group of teenagers came to the rescue of a bleeding elderly man after he was viciously attacked.

Grown adults were seen walking past as the young army cadets rushed to help and called the emergency services.

The victim is believed to have been assaulted close to Sefton Park, Liverpool, on Tuesday afternoon before sitting down on a bench.

The teenagers used tissues and a nappy to stop the bleeding from his head until the paramedics arrived.

A woman at the scene, who also helped the man, said a number of adults walked past and didn’t even stop to see if they could help.

Her mum contacted the Liverpool Echo to praise the teens who got involved.

She said: ‘My daughter was sitting on the bench in the park when she saw the man walking towards her. She stopped him, asked if he was alright and made him sit down as she could see that he was injured.

‘My daughter then put her baby’s muslin cloth on the man’s head to stop the bleeding. Then the boys and girl came over and started to help.

‘My daughter said that they were amazing. Lots of adults walked past and not one stopped to help, thankfully the kids did.’

Bella Low, 16, said the man was covered in blood and they realised he had sustained significant injuries.

She told the paper: ‘We were walking through Sefton Park, just going to the chippy on Lark Lane.

‘Next thing I turn around and I see this man sat on a bench. The amount of blood on him was quite shocking.

‘My friend, Lily Hamer, was next to me and I said Lily we need to go and help this man.’

Bella and her friends are army cadets and have received first aid training, so knew they had to stem the bleeding.

Bella said they asked him for permission before checking him for injuries and found some lacerations above his eye and a large cut to the back of his head.

She said: ‘He told us he had been walking along near Sefton Park, he was just walking and a man ran up behind him and hit him.

‘Then he was on the floor and he said all he could see were feet flying at him.’

The victim is believed to be recovering at home after his shocking ordeal.

Bella said she didn’t expect to get so much praise after a picture of them helping the man was shared online.

She said: ‘It sounds strange but at the time we didn’t think of it as a big deal, we were just helping an old man who needed to be helped.’

A spokeswoman for Merseyside Police said it is investigating the attack and enquiries are being made in the local area.